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1950's Marylin Off Shoulder Sheath Dress

$56.00 USD

Perfectly fitted pencil bondage dress, inspired by the 1950s, this bare shouldered nude dress in the style of Marilyn Monroe is not just a Pin Up style dress for retro girls.

This dress, which can be worn for evening, is made of premium stretch cotton, with a neckline detail, which wraps the body in a true bandage style that replicates original 1950s concepts.

Composition: Cotton, Polyester, Spandex

Imported item

See the size chart below:

Size Bust
Waist Hips Length
S 81.3-86.3 66-71 85.1-90.1 94
M 86.4-91.4 71.1-76.1 90.2-95.2 94
L 91.4-96.4 76.2-81.2 95.3-100.3 96.5
XL 96.5-101.5 81.3-86.3 100.3-105.3 96.5
XXL 101.6-106.6 86.4-91.4 105.4-110.4 96.5